International Global Grants - World Community Service
Below is a brief summary of international grant projects that are currently in progress and others that are being developed for hopeful future implementation. 
If you are a club taking on the lead of a project(s), THANK YOU.  If you are a club who wants to become involved with a project but cannot take the lead, you are VERY much needed for your financial support and involvement.  The lead club can NOT do it alone and needs your assistance.  Please look over the many worthy options below and contact the name or myself for further information. If your club is developing a project, please contact me so it can be added to the list.
The goal of our district through this project is to get every club involved at some level with an international grant.  We can make it happen!! 
  • Currently about 10-12 clubs have contributed to or done something in conjunction with the Semilla Nueva Guatemalan farming project which is ongoing and other clubs can contribute.
  • Many clubs have participated in the ongoing Nigerian Water & Sanitation Project.
  • Several clubs Boise area & Twin Falls clubs are pursuing the Duck Valley Indian Reservation project--forming Boys & Girls clubs.
  • Several clubs are continuing support of Peruvian and Ecuador Projects: a couple are McCall (Suzanne Rainville); Eagle Garden City (Mike Sieler)
  • Boise Sunrise involved with Genesis One in Kenya, Semilla Nueva farming project in Guatemala, orphanage and Peer Learning project in Peru and Duck Valley Indian reservation. (Rich Burleigh)
  • Boise Metro is pursuing projects in Belize thru a member fulfilling a Fulbright Scholarship there. (Aileen Hale)
  • Nampa noon is developing a prototype shoe that grows as a child does to distribute in 3rd world countries to prevent/reduce soil disease transmission. (Jennifer Devoin)
  • Twin Fall involved with Duck Valley Reservation, Semilla Nueva. (Dave Foster)
  • Boise Downtown is involved with a scouting trip to Bahia de Caraquez Ecuador for possible assistance with a school; Burangi Kenya for medical clinic and community health; Esteli Nicaragua for replacement housing due to hurricane devastation. (Todd Fischer)
  • East Idaho Falls (Lynn Bybee) is involved with a Thai Dental Clinic as well as Nigerian Water.
  • Hailey club is involved with an orphanage in Tanzania.
  • Pocatello Centennial has a desire to support an orphanage in India.
  • Boise Downtown, Boise Metro, and Boise SW took an exploratory trip to Ecuador in February to scout projects to collaborate with their Ecuadorian colleagues.
Pam McKinley
World Community Services District Chair (International Global Grants)
(208) 406-3245
Pocatello Portneuf evening club - home club